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Thread: Embeded Pc navigator 10

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    I just embedded PC Navigator 10 into RR following the help in this thread...but I have one question....and maybe it's from lack of sleep...but where the hell in this program can you enter an actual STREET ADDRESS?? Or is that not available in the free version?

    Also...seems to work on my test virtual machine on my desktop in the house...but when in the car I can select my road, and then it just exits. Not sure what's up...gave up on it for now, might re-download the map data in the next few days to see if that's it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EL CAMINO View Post
    this is a nice app, tcp/ip functions, and above all, is free. here's how i was able to embed it,.

    SetTopMost;RR;True||Run;C:\Program Files\Navigator10_FREE\PC_Navigator\PC_Navigator.exe| --window_border=yes --window_position=100,100,480,272 --nohires||Load;||Run;;Navigator
    what this code does is, makes RR TOP MOST, then opens navigator, then loads, then embeds navigator. using --window_border=yes, makes navigator use a window name, and RR can find it.
    This should prove helpful, I am learning lots but still have so much more to learn. I am using the Elite skin, how and where do I place this code? Is it written into the RR.ini file in place of where you set the GPS path?

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