Some how the windows default voice keeps knocking out my RR voice, so now I get no greeting when I start RR. Did a system restore to fix, but need to know why it happens and how to prevent it. Why is it changing without me telling it to? Once windows changes the default voice, my RR greeting no longer greets me when RR start up, but works when I go and test it, but It will have windows "Mary" voice enabled...WTF!!!

I could care less about what the default voice is really, but I don't want it change the default voice for RR only because only the one that comes with RR seems to work correctly, all the rest only work when I press the test button, but not when I start RR. I'd like to use "Anna", but like I said, won't work with RR when it starts up, only when testing.

Is there something I'm missing here?

Thanks in advance!!!