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Thread: Can someone explain lists to me?

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    Can someone explain lists to me?

    I have looked all over the forums and in tons of documentation and am just stumped. How does RR know what kind of list or browser to use in a skin file? The (s) definition can mean a playlist, a directory, or a launch list, etc. How does it know which one the skin file is calling for?

    Also, if it is a directory, how does it know what the root directory is?

    The documentation just seems to be way too vague here. Please advise, thanks!

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    Some of them are hard coded, like in the skin browser. When you open the skin browser and have a S definition it is populated from the RideRunner\Skins folder.
    For Directory lists you can define you direcrtory as in
    SD,00,03,32,32,"$Backgroundpath$","*.jpg", this will load the list with the pjg files in the
    Backgroundpath definition. BackgroundPath=C:\Program Files\RideRunner\Backgrounds.

    If you have a Text file with info like Audio, Radio, XM, Video saved as List.txt then you can use a CL (CustomList) and populate it from that text file with a Command

    And of course lots of reading...

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