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Thread: RRVoice Hypothesis and Recognition in Skin?

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    RRVoice Hypothesis and Recognition in Skin?

    I'm working on a non-TS friendly skin, and was hoping there could be a way to show the RRVoice Hypothesis and Recognition data in a skin. Can't find where this might be. Any suggestions?

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    I believe you should make that question in the Plugins thread to RRVoice developer JJbus.

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    I believe he did post there.

    I have created those labels and I think you will be dissapointed.
    The Hypothesis and Recognition happen so fast, that you will not see the VR Engine make the hypothesis. It flies by so fast that you just see the match for the command in both labels, unless there is no match. Not really a good thing while you are driving to look down at the screen to see that it didn't match.
    IMO, this kind of defeats the safety aspect of using VR control...

    Thats why there are audible indicators built into DFX that tell you a match has been made, and you know it matched cause the command was executed.


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