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Thread: Origin of the Carwings Skin?

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    Origin of the Carwings Skin?

    I ran across this news article and was surprised to learn that Carwings is some kind of traffic information service in Japan. Did this company also make the RideRunner skin? Or was the skin developed independently and merely inspired by the Carwings "look and feel?"

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    Carwings is the name of the UI running in Nissan and Infiniti vehicles since 2002:

    Nissan has announced the release of CARWINGS, the advanced total telematics service integrating people assisted- and/or automatic services, car, or cell phones, and personal computers (PC). The technology is an adaptation of the New-Generation Information and Communications Concept 2003i that was unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show in October last year. (...) CARWINGS is Japan’s first comprehensive telematics system that enables drivers to use a LCD (liquid crystal display) screen assisted by verbal interface to access the latest updated information and maps, receive e-mail messages, make hands-free phone calls, and obtain road-side assistance, plus more. These functions are available by connecting one’s cell phone to the connector on board the vehicle. CARWINGS also supports comfortable and convenient driving through its simple navigation
    (The Autochannel, Feb 2002)

    The RR skin was just inspired by it:

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