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Thread: help with indicator on/off

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    help with indicator on/off

    i need add a indicator in my skin , but i dont how ... someone can help me ,

    let me explaim

    i have a .exe what control on /off the ligth of my house , the command is

    "RUN;c:\x10\X10.exe|sendplc/e7 ON||esc" (for on the light)
    "RUN;c:\x10\X10.exe|sendplc/e7 OFF||esc" (for off the light)

    but i like add a indicator in the skin when i press the light in the skin , open a popup screen with two button , one for on , another for off , so i like add in the skin a image status , show me when the light is on of off
    that image change when is on or when is off

    i dont know how make this , someone can help me , thanks mikee

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    Sounds like you're using RR in a home network install. I'd love to see what you have for a skin. I've never run X-10 Via RR, but have X-10 experience. First, you probably don't want to switch the indicator just based on the button push. I wait for confirmation from my X-10 controller before my indicators change.

    What controller are you using? Is it a 2-way? Are your X-10 appliances 2-way compatible?
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    gizmo thanks for write back

    i make a skin for use the RR in my home , for controller the light , thermostat , camera and more applications , but i dont know how write scrip ..

    i use the controller CM15A , a friend of here long time a go , make for me a .exe what i can use the commands and turn on and turn off , working fine , but i want use more that controller , dimmer ... but ... now i use for test a lamp module LM465 .. this module support turn on , turn off , dimmer , bright , i perfect for test , i have all command , the problem is make the script

    i show the skin what i make

    the place of have the lamp , i what use the lamp off (white) and the lamp on (yellow) , you are understain , my english is bad

    about if the controller is 2 way , i think yes , i use the software original , and when i turn off the module with remote control , show me in the software that lamp is off .....

    i check the box of controller and say activehome pro 2 way pc interface

    thanks mikee

    i forget , the concept of button i show in the picture , i thinks more easy is two button , on and off , and show the status image when is on or off
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    Do you get request only from indicator or other?
    what sets the indicator ON, if the lights are turned on?

    because all indicators are OFF, if you start RR.

    you can do it, on this way:

    it is also possible with BYVARX

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