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Thread: Flash Alarmclock

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    Flash Alarmclock

    here you can get a flash alarmclock for RR

    works with RR Version 12/2012 and newer

    if you unload the SWFCLKARM.swf, the "bell" will not ring!

    when the clock should ring, you have to set these vars:
    SETVAR;SWFCLKARM;true <--- small, false for alarm off (see the indicator inside the swf)
    SETVAR;SWFCLKARM_H;19 <--- for hour
    SETVAR;SWFCLKARM_M;32 <--- for minute

    when the clock reachs the time, it fires onetimes the RR-Command SWFARM_RING

    you can save the state of alarm to skin.ini with simple commands. so RR don't forget the settings, if you need to restart RR.

    if you want snooze, it's just needed to eval the minute var +5. but attentchen, if you reach the limit of 59 minutes. i think this problem can be handeled with simple RR IF + MATH commands.

    if you want show the clock in other screens and don't get a double alarm:
    add "SWFCLK.swf" only the clock, without alarm and indicator
    add "SWFCLKIND.swf" only included the indicator for activated or disabled alarm

    add example SKIN:
    set hours & mins by click
    switch on/off the alarm by click
    cancel the alarm by click
    snooze + Xmin by click (seted by snooze var from skin.ini) only when the alarm is ON
    store settings on RR exit

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    Nice job

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