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Thread: Need a little help with skinning

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    Need a little help with skinning

    Hello everyone,

    I have posted this in the reborn thread already but nobody seems to read it , so here is another chance.

    I have been busy creating skin files for the ObdXR plugin in the reborn skin.

    I am by no means finished but I am stuck with the settings screens, for some reason I cant see the text that the labels should show.

    Here are the complete plugin skin files, please let me know what I did wrong , so I can avoid that in the future ( if this goes well I am planning on making more skin files , possibly even my own skin)

    please note: currently I only have files for the color red in reborn , other colors will come available later, text should however go with whatever color you select
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    4th line of skin is


    that means include the file BottomText.txt at that position

    There is no INC,BottomText.txt in the files you posted. Nor is there in the version of Reborn I have (I may have an old outdated version though)

    All the labels have #colour# where the font colour should be, this means it is expecting the variable 'colour' to hold the colour values.

    I suspect the colour variable is defined in BottomText.txt.

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    allrite , thanks for that,

    And yes , #color# stands for the color variable, this can be set in settings in the reborn skin.
    My assumption is that it would set the color set in reborn.

    I will add bottomtext to the skin files.

    Thanks for the input

    the color is defined in color.txt

    Not really sure what to define in bottomtext.txt
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