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Thread: RR D2280 Menu Mod

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    RR D2280 Menu Mod

    G'day all,

    I'm very new to the RR as I've just had one installed in my new car. Love it except for the menus... which I'm gathering more and more info about from this site.

    I have a quick question for those in the 'know', can an item on the main menu be altered? My main screen looks like this...
    Name:  MAGR_MAIN.png
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    But where this one says 'Bluetooth', Mine has 'Internet' and the Explorer logo. Is there any way this can be changed to navigate and show 'Bluetooth'?

    Aussie Dave

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    What skin is that? Doesn't lookk like one I've seen before.

    if it uses the newish dynamic menus that RR has then this thread should help

    however if it doesn't then it may mean just editing the .skin files in notepad.

    However I would recommend you contact the author of the skin.

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    May be send us your file ?

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