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Thread: Skin editor problem

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    Skin editor problem

    I'm trying to create a skin. I go to create/save the file and it asks me if I want to copy the default "general.ini" file to which I respond "Yes"

    It creates the file, then crashes with a Runtime error 387 - 'Visible' property can't be set on this control. Clicking the program causes the program to crash.

    Is there something configured incorrectly? Thanks.

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    Another problem...

    I'm trying to edit my file. I open my skin in Skin Editor, switch to my Sirius page. When I go to "Virtual Editor" there is no code showing, despite the file containing text. (Sometimes it shows the code from the instead)

    When I switch back to the RR Skin Editor, I get "Run-Time error '381': Invalid property array index" and it quits.

    Any thoughts? Thanks.

    EDIT: Here's the stuff in the SE_Errors file:

    Error occured while loading:
    Ln#: 3
    Line is: sirius_off.png,sirius_off.png,sirius_off.png,siriu s_off.png
    Error Description: Invalid procedure call or argument
    Error Number: 5
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    I deleted the page, started again and the same problem cropped up.

    So I deleted that one too, started again and this time added a single button. Finally the code showed up in the virtual editor and I could switch back to the RR Skin Editor OK.

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