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Thread: Alpine

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    More Mods,

    I just wanted to commend you on an incredible looking and well executed skin! I currently use it in my '01 Tahoe and it loos great! I'm using the Red-Blue skin which goes perfectly with the my white faced gauges because the MPH and RPM is a blue LED and the Tach is blue with a red inner border. It doesn't hurt either that I have an Alpine HU, alpine speakers and Alpine sub...People still can't get the mind wrapped around the fact that it is a computer, not something factory by Alpine.

    Anyways I have one quick question and one request:

    I spent most of the money I budgeted for my system on my XP-M setup and had to get a "cheaper" TS monitor that will only display at 640x480 clearly. It still looks fine but the background and list don't look so hot. I've looked through the posts but nothing has stood out to me. Any quick idea besides modifying the general.ini file?

    Secondly, my truck has a dark grey, light grey color scheme. I've put carbon fiber accents (real CF...) to make it stand out and would LOVE to do the same with an Alpine skin. Would this be possible? Or better yet did you happen to use Adobe PS and have the .psd files available so I can tackle this myself? I've tried with the ones in the folders but it is a PITA to try to break down a single layer .jpg.

    Anyways thanks again for the skin and let me know about the things mentioned.


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    See first post
    It's the cake having/eating thing.

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    My RR was last updated 4-6-06

    When i touch more, then games it freezes up. Any idea how I can stop this from happening? I don't use the games menu to get to my emulators, I have them installed and running under the other programs menu is. I know I just don't have to touch it but sometimes i accidently end up pressing it or someone else gets curious and touches it.
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    I'm trying to download the skins but the site seems to be down. Has anyone got a mirror?


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    More mods.

    The XM signal strength is not showing on up the xm screen, is there any way to fix that?

    Other than that what a skin! Looks great! If i could only find a Chrysler logo..
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    Is there a way too edit the mapmoney skin so that it fits using freedrive? I love this skin but combining it with freedrive only gives me an exit and quit button on top.

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    Scratch my question ... I just renamed to

    works great

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    I just love the features in this skin, although I have not got it all to work yet, reading through this last 18 pages I think I will have it all going soon.

    That the clue folks, read the forums.............

    Thanks for a great skin.
    Lez, more widely known as flez1966

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    This is so perfect for my car More Mods! Can I request a logo? I was wanting it to say trd
    in the silver letters and have the blue alpine color background. Is this do-able?

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