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Thread: Alpine

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    More Mods, for some reason I can't get the radar images to show up in your skin. The today and five day work fine but when I click on the radar buttons all I get is a black screen. I have the three images that were provided somewhere on this thread but I may be missing a script. Any ideas?

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    Nevermind, got it

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    Ok, I got the mostly everything working except for the games button. I extracted the proper skin into the Mobile Impact\Emuskins folder but I don't think the games button is mapped out at all. When I click place my mouse over the button nothing happens (doesn't change colors). I opened the skin in RRskineditor and there is nothing listed where the games button should be. I'm using the Amber S skin.

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    Do you have the PSD file available for Alpine (Amber)???
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    why don't share psd file with us????????
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    he has the fullest right not to give them free.
    a zillion knock offs would appear, like with the brushed metal theme.

    moremods, once again a big thank you for the skins and the time you take to perfect them and fill in our wishes, like the blue/red VW one you did for me.

    still knocks ppl of thear socks
    time for the sig:

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    psd holding to prevent knockoffs, yeah like you cant just use the jpg's to do a knock off.......

    You wont have the crispness etc but at the end of the day all skins are a knock off, because we are all inspired to create them from images we have seen and drawn upon and whats in our mind.

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    Hi, just wondering if there's anybody that can show me the way to the mobile emulator used by the Alpine skin?

    I've googled and found out that it might be a PDA emulator? If so, which one should I download?


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    i installed the skin and i like it but i have a problem with the logo in the center.

    the logo is surrounded by a white box. it seems as the flashfile (swf) does not make the white background transparent...


    thx phil

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    Search !!!!

    Have you ever tryed the function.
    If not I did it for you.
    Help !!!!

    You guys should do your homework before posting a question what has been answered a thousand times.

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