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Thread: Trying my hand at skinning... preview

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    Trying my hand at skinning... preview

    This is an early view of the skin I am working on. I am going for simplicity and bigger buttons. A lot of skins have a bunch of buttons that just cluter the screen and I was wanting a big playlist view and avs view while still having full control of the things I need to do.

    I don't think I need a mute button, as the pause button has the same affect. I always have repeat on, so I don't think I will have a button for that either. I want to incorporate EQ presets and such on another screen, as I really want that functionality yet I never see any skins with it.
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    Nice look, clean and smooth. What software are you using?
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    You dont use pageup and pagedown buttons?

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    i have to like it JUST because it's the new NIN album. know, that guy...

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    I do use pageup and pagedown. Thats what those arrows are. I don't use the single up and single down buttons.

    Oh yah, I use PS.

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    Looks very good - go on with this.

    Maybe someone finish a Skin

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    Looks great.. did you re-scale the image for posting ? (cause if not, your round buttons will look oval in a 16:9 screen -- just a thought)...
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    nice, I like what you got going there with there with the concept of colors textures and all. keep it up.


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