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    x rate skin

    has any one made got or might be looking in to makeing so or one x-rated nice naked women as a skin front as i would love to see one for my playboy dream shag wagon

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    Quote Originally Posted by phinixgold
    has any one made got or might be looking in to makeing so or one x-rated nice naked women as a skin front as i would love to see one for my playboy dream shag wagon
    There's a couple of things that are inherently wrong with this....

    1) Nekkid women (or men) are a big distraction, which is a legal issue in and of itself.
    2) A screen is highly visible to the outside of the car. Ergo, nekkid people on the screen is like viewing pr0n in public where it can be viewed by children. Yet another legal issue.
    3) Most people like showing off their ride to friends, relatives, other gearheads and/or geeks, and potential mating partners. Regarding the latter, do you really want them to see that you've got nekkid people on your display all the time?

    Can it be done? Sure, it can be done. So go forth and make your dream shag wagon skin.
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    There are plenty for MediaEngine, dunno about RR.
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    May I suggest a more politically correct skin that is cartoon like... e.g. maybe a Barbie and Ken skin... intended to be comical as apposed to arrousing...
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    haha.. you can place whatever background you want on CDR's flash skin.. it's just 1 image per screen (highly customizable then..).. but yes, you should think twice before using something like that and bringing a friend/relative into the car ... chances are you'll end up forgetting to change it out one day or get distracted while driving.. I also believe that the states have laws against exposing nudity/pronography -- so if people can see this stuff from outside your car, you may get in trouble.
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