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Thread: BFM and my flash skin

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    BFM and my flash skin

    well both skins are up for grabs

    i've been trying to finish them but no luck... they just keeps screwing up

    all the new stuff i make on them keeps going out of the original style

    if anybody wanna finish them or modify them for their own needs
    let me know... drop a note here in this thread or send me pm

    flash skin:

    (alot of work needs to be done here some parts of front screen is done. rest is screwed up )

    bfm skin:

    (most is done... phoco completed but not integrated in skin, tv and radio still aint done)

    sry for this but i just dont feel for any of the 2 skins..... + my new job keeps me working almost 24/7 . its hard when u only got max 2 hours every week

    but dont worry i aint outta here yet
    Food goes in here..... that's right ... mmmmm

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    nice work! that flash skin is just awesome. I'm diggin that clock in there.


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