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Thread: Skullster Skin.. Please help me finish this skin

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    Hi Guino.. not had a play, but does the flash sit ontop of the album jpg, or does it sit below.. I could make a flash gps direction and also make it transparent when no route is played so if there is one you can see the album jpg.


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    The flash sits behind it, so if an album art is available it would likely be displayed on top of the flash.. This would be no different with the MM directions currently implemented (and untested)... so the only way to display directions is to reserve screen space for it to display..
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    i actually really REALLY like this skin.... any chance of embedding iGuidance with it *crosses fingers*

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    Quote Originally Posted by ummagawd
    i actually really REALLY like this skin.... any chance of embedding iGuidance with it *crosses fingers*
    I second that request

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    Also love what you have started. I'd finish off the job except I got zero artistic skill even though you already set the foundation.


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