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Thread: First Attempt

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    very clean looking

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    I love your skin, but the brushed stell kinda look has never been my favourite. Im hoping (begging) you would allow me yo use your PSD's to make another colour?

    I personally believe everyone should release there PSD's. I really dont see a reason not too. But if you dont wish to I will respect your decision.. and steal them while you sleep.

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    I like it, very nice look...Can't wait to be able to play
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    Quote Originally Posted by maiwand
    Thanks guys, sorry I haven't responded in a while, but I like the enthusiasm and these are all really good suggestions.
    I'll try to post some more updates as they come along. I just wish I had more time to spend on it. Thanks guys
    So any updates lately? Great work so far, now get back to it!
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    Now with pictures!

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    I would *love* this skin

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