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Thread: RR Media Center Edition

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    Thanks for the interest!!

    I will be starting school soon but I will try and work on this as much as possible in my spare time. The recent changes in RR really opened some doors with what can be done with flash so you expect some cool ideas with the menu portion. (Thanks guino!!) As for the other screens, I'm gonna try and stay away from flash and keep it simple and clean.

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    yeah, this is hot. I am in the process of enlarging the MCE skin in media portal, it has TV that works with my TV tuner so thats what I wanted to use but your on point here. Also, I dont have a touchscreen on my BMW monitor and one of the reasons I cannot use these program like road runners is there no navigation of the icon with a mouse or keyboard. I can program my bmw onboard montior controls to scroll up and down, select, esc, play, whatever, but these program are designed for touchscreen when it comes to the menus.

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