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Thread: Roadrunner Skinning Tutorial

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    Okay i did it. I guess for some strange reason when it was in transparent mode the editor would constantly update it so you wouldn't get animation. And in window mode it would run but you would get the white box around it. I just added a line that says only load/reload if there is a change in position or first time through.

    I updated the file in the link.

    Edit 9-24-05: Okay Ive been busy this last few weeks and flash made me go crazy. I spent a day or two looking through the skinner code and I still couldn't fix the flash problem I had when setting the order. Also I noticed when you switch screens the flash follows from the previous screen, which kind of sucks. So I guess I need to debug the hell out of the flash and figure out whats going on. I've just been lazzy.

    Edit 10 minutes later: fixed the change screen bug. im happy.

    Edit 1 hour later: Fixed crash when you click down and nothing is selected. And fixed the link. I compressed the source folder instead of the program folder....Still cant figure out the damn up down on the flash. Just dont do it. Also added a build number 0.3.003<-- build 003. Although the way im going i should of done a four digit build. I shouldn't have any problem going through 999 code changes.
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    Great work pRoFIT!

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    anyone looking for Winamp 2.91 you can find it here

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    Added link to to first post, thanks mukow!

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    Not sure if posting questions about making skins in here is the right place, but here goes:

    Is there a way to have an on-screen display of sorts for RR skinning? For instance, if you turn the volume up or down with your griffin powermate (for example), I'd like to have a transparent volume progressbar/indicator pop up for about 2 seconds then disappear. Is this something that is available when skinning in RR?


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