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Thread: How To Skin Tutorial - File Download

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    Hi guys,

    Is there an updated skinning tutorial? Or a valid link to the files mentioned in this thread?

    Eager to begin skinning and branch off into programming but I have zero idea where to start if I'm honest. I understand the basic principles and design, but actually formulating this into a unique, bespoke to my needs application is mind boggling.

    Many thanks,

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    Bump for any updates...

    All I can find are broken links and old tutorials...

    There's a ton of stuff scattered about throughout the forums but it's barely a line or two of skin code here and there and nothing at all concise.

    Maybe the lack of any complete tutorial is why we have a pile of half-baked skins and only a few complete ones that work.

    Yes, I'm grumpy. I'm finally ready to get this damn carpc finished but can't find a decent skin anywhere.

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    I'm not sure what your background is, if you have any coding knowledge or not.

    But for me, I got my skin started by looking at the various skins around and finding a function that they had that I could put into mine... copy/paste.
    Though understanding the basics is a plus, for me I like to think of RR skinning kinda like a website (pre html5/web2.0/java).

    Have you looked at the Documentation folder with the RR install? Lots of good details in there as to which code line does what.

    Starting with a vision of what you want it to look like is the first step for me, because you can then build the buttons and text around your images (menu_off.png).
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    No coding skill at all. I did a little bit of very basic database stuff with ColdFusion several years ago but that's it.

    I had the Carwings skin up looking at some of the code, but without proper descriptions of what the commands do, I'm walking blind here. Example: In the Sirius skin, there's the big list in the middle (titled "S") that displays the Sirius channels, but I don't see anything in the code that specifically attaches that display to whatever in the back-end that provides that data.

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