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Thread: flash object/album art/RR buttons

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    flash object/album art/RR buttons

    Is it possible to somehow click on these items and have them do something?
    Considering how much space each of these items takes up (at least on my skin) i really want to click them and have them do things. I tried sticking buttons under them but its not clicking through. I can understand why the flash dosent click through but what about the album art?

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    You can define a button on the same space of the album art and it should work through it. If not you have too old of a RR version.

    Flash objects can be clickable -- just look at the iRunner skin for instance, most of the buttons are flash. This has to be done IN FLASH. If your flash object has transparent areas, any buttons you define should also work (if you click on the transparent area).

    The latest RR patch is available at:

    EDIT: Actually, I just took a look and this used to be there for the album art, but was taken away at some point (for whatever reason).. I have just fixed the above patch to work with it again.
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    i have the 8-30-05 release, is the patch newer than that?

    its working now for album art, it was my fault, i left out the " at the end of the command

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