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Hi J187 ...let me start by thanking you for your tutorial on skinning. Im am now creating my own skin based on your tutorial and since i have average ps experience. i have come up with a skin im slowly falling in love with.

That said, please ask me anything you are having trouble with and you can even call on the phone and i can walk you through it. heres an example of the skin im making.... New range rover skin idea...
Hey thanks for the offer. You can bet I'll take you up on that at somepoint as questions arise. One thing I credit myself with is I am a very very quick learner. Since the start of this thread I've taught myself tons about PS. I am now able to change colors of cars, work with layers, shadows gradients, color overlays etc. I have had great luck with my little projects so far. That said, I'm really liking your skin. The idea of having the LOGO, low opacity and faded into the background is great. I really like it so far.