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Thread: Mixed Skin?

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    Mixed Skin?

    Ok, do not bash me. I just basically started this skinning thing. I borrowed the Brushed Aluminum background and the bottom bar. Then threw in some elements I found on the web.

    So far it is only the menu and I am not sure if I will ever finish it. If it does get finished, all the other stuff will be very basic since skinning takes a huge amount of time. I am now very appreciative to all the skinners for their great skins! I just had to have the Commodore logo for games since I was a commie 64 geek

    The top light blue bar is for the song title, date and time. Sorry the pic is so big and the icons should look better on a 7" screen.

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    Hi. Looks mighty fine for first time to me. I hope by "please don't bash me" you didn't mean, "no constructive critism", because you're getting some anyway

    I like your icons except the video and dvd ones. I don't think Icons should actually say something and sit on a button right next to a label that says the same thing. Just my $.02. Other than that, I say keep going with this. The only thing that can happen is that you'll learn more.
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