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Thread: Release - MC2.0 Skin

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    FLAC djmickyg's Avatar
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    Feb 2004
    very very nice skin
    i like the change-able button text.. im sick of having radio and dvd buttons

    one problem ive found
    when a button in the OSK is pressed it presses it 2 times..
    i took the tooltip from each letter in the ini file and that helped it..

    the emebeed destinator is fantastic.. but it needs a favorites button i think..
    also when a destination is entered the focus goes to the map and the key board shot cuts stop working.

    but all in all
    good work..

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    On the edge!
    WOW CDR, you have surpassed expectations yet again - Top Man

    when I resume from standby the screen flicks on and off with the left of the screen on the right like its phase shifted. It flicks on and off about once a second... Only thing that stops it is closing RR.

    It did this previously on MC1.0 but stopped after 2 or 3 flicks like the screen is struggling to sync. Now it goes on indeffinately. I knowthis is MC2.0 rated as its the only thing to change on my system...

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    Low Bitrate
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    any odds of getting the psd for the web browser (on/off/down)?

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    FreeDrive Creator CdRsKuLL's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Enforcer
    I just sent u a £1.17 (inc vat).. please send the £50 back to the said paypal address... ta v.much

    HERE is the web psd


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    Confusion Master
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    If you go down to the woods today, You're sure of
    Quote Originally Posted by CdRsKuLL
    I just sent u a £1.17 (inc vat).. please send the £50 back to the said paypal address... ta v.much

    HERE is the web psd


    Sorry can't bet on yourself.

    And since chiefwigims didn't put a bet on before you published bet is off.

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    here's what i did this morning before the psd... i'll see if i can redo it real fast.. got a take home exam i gotta finish...

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    hey Cdr,

    I was thinking... (everybody take cover!)

    Could some buttons be added in the games section to mimick the keypresses required by the games? I dont have a keyboard and my gamepad s kinda dumb for these games... If we could have jsut some arrows/spacebar, etc sneding keys I think it would work beautifulyy...

    question: are we able to do the SENDKEYS and have the game recieve the keys? or would we need to specifiy the APP name in the sendkey command?

    2005 Range Rover 4.4
    Any ideas for putting a PC in this? :)

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    Raw Wave
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    Jun 2004
    On the beach
    I was sat in Maccy Ds drive thru the other day playing space invaders using my USB keyboard - everyone was giving me funny looks --- well more than normal anyway

    Passed the time whilst waiting in the queue

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