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Thread: Mouse movement Command

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    Mouse movement Command

    In addition to the recent Idle & Timer commands, would it be possible to have a mouse movement (within the given skin) set off an ExecTBL command? The idea is to have a way to exit from a fullscreen visualization or screensaver type app.

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    there is a new "IDLEEND" command, but this only works on mouse clicks instead of movement. I think the movement would be better.
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    Any chance this would work Guino. TheUni?

    I imagine that it would be fairly easy to add. EX: When the skin containing the "Movement" definition is loaded, somehow record the initial x,y of the mouse and then trigger the command if the x,y changes. (or something rather)

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    If the VIS plugin changes the resolution of the screen, RR will close the vis when you touch the right edge of the screen. Other than that, I'd have to look into something for that.
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