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Thread: changing pictures & names on skins

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    Well first the emulator skin is way too involved for this megar discussion about photoshop but I would suggest looking for a skin that has games currently in it and look to see how they did it and mabye even copy and paste that skin file into your skin folder. I can't think of any skin names off hand but I know there are a few (if I get time later I will find some)

    Second the down effects those are pretty simple to copy and paste. Firstly find a layer that already exists that has the exact effect you want to copy then right click that layer. A popup menu should appear with an option for "Copy Layer Style" if you don't see this option move your mouse to a different spot in the layer window and right click that layer again. (Depending on where on the layer bar in the layers window you right click you get different options) now go to your new NES icon layer in the layers window and right click there til you get the option "Paste Layer Style" when you select paste the new layer will have the same effects (down state) as the existing layer. To make the new layer appear normal again (on state) expand the effects tab "[>f]" and turn off the visability of the effects (the eye). The procedure is simalar for the other states but once you copy and paste styles the first time all the effects for all the states should be present but just turned off. (i.e. the existing layer that has the look (the state) that you want to copy probably also has all the effects in it already needed for the other states (on, down, etc.) with those effects just turned off (using the eye). This is how I do it any way some people will of course do it different but each layer I make has the ability to be any state. I just turn off and on the effects (state) I want using the eye.

    As always hope this helps. Anymore questions just ask. I am currently working on adding games to my skin also but I have so many other things to do to it too that it may be awhile before I get it working but when I do I will post a copy of the skin file and the jpg's here so you can look at then for guidance.

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    riddle14, can i have the original photoshop BMV2 skin or whatever u can spare, I used paint to modify BMV2 skin but didnt like the end result. I have photoshop and learning how to use it but been looking for thr skin package to download but whenever i find them the link will not work.

    Appreciate ur help on that

    Thank you

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    I am currently away from home until Feb, but let me see what I can find and I will let you know.
    "I'm going back to Cali(Iraq), Cali(Iraq), Cali(Iraq), I'm going back to Cali(Iraq), Cali(Iraq), Cali(Iraq), I know so!!!!" Now I'm here!!

    By "ToneRiddle"

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    Thanks man

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    Quote Originally Posted by michaelrj9 View Post
    I have photoshop (know very little about it)
    You spent $700 on software you know little about? Me thinks me smells a pirate... Arrrrrr

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