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    Played color

    I was playing around with the skin editor and I changed this value to something that would show. But it doesnít seem to take effect. I assume this is the color of the text of the audio files that have been played. Is that true? Does this work for you? Perhaps it is just my skin that isnít working.

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    i dont think it works
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    MC had major issues with this feature, so I never did implement it. basically it highlights the CURRENT song on the playlist -- then again, there's normally a BIG scrolling label on the screen telling you what the current song is, so why would this be useful ?
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    no, I thought it would highlight all the played songs in the list. Like if you were playing in sequential order and you are on song 5...songs 1-4 would have the "played" color. I just thought it would be a nice detail when I was using shuffle.

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