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Thread: Mauri RR skin

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    Arrow Mauri RR skin

    I have draw my skin for RR.

    800 x 600 only

    Some screenshots:

    EDIT:low resolution!

    Patch OSK
    Download this patch:

    OSK in the same orange color of Mauri Night skin

    EDIT:replace after have install the Night skin with this update
    Update 04/11/2006

    Night version of my skin v6 by ViC (thanks),orange color of default background.

    Download link ONLY for night version:

    It's necessary to install for first my principal skin (cyan color)and all the software enclosed,then is it possible use the night version...

    EDIT- please, not request for others colors of background, I don't have time for this,sorry.

    UPDATE my skin to MAURIv6


    -PhoneControl screens support (thanks to JohnWBP of "BlueDevil" skin) for the use of your Phoco main screen

    EDIT:I dont'use Phoco in my car,I hope not bug of use this

    -Update Audio player,with little flash clock in the right top area,but if you select one song with image of album,
    automatixally this are switch to view the album picture image (only .jpg image).
    New layout of buttons....

    -Radio player,new layout of button in the center bottom.

    -Loader screen

    -Game screens support

    -Update "Menu" and "Menu2" screens for new add button (Phoco)

    -Fixed little prblem....

    Download link:

    After,write the 3 letters or numbers if you see in this link, an go the download.

    The name of the file it's: (13,89MB)

    EDIT:I have update for see in this post ONLY this two screens of the Mains of V6 skin,all others it's old,sorry!

    See the README.txt for first, enclose in my .zip packet.


    Little update of my two skin for use with "GaroNav", D3 SDK based GPS frontend , v.1 final release.


    Select and download the file of your country.

    "Mauri IT" for Italian.
    "Mauri US" for all others.

    ************************************************** ***************************


    UPDATE my skin to v.5!

    Added new screen for GPS section and GaroNav use...

    Now, is it possible to see and use Garonav embedded in the Audio Player or Radio player of RoadRunner,in tha same area of
    playlist or radio stations,simple push one button skinned.

    New plugin for Winamp (graphic bar) instead the AVS plugin (I don't use the AVS....) and more other....

    All the old feautures of my v4 skin,it's present in the v.5 skin.

    My skin it's make for work with GaroNav GPS D3 SDK frontend,and work better with it.

    Well,coming soon the v.1.0 final release of GaroNav.

    Few day and Garo upload the new release,and my new two skin for this,English and Italian version.

    For see more scrrenshots of the Mauri RR v.5 skin,and one preview of GPS section and garonav new skin embedded,
    (this screenshots posted above it's of the old version...) jump to this post:

    Only very more post....use my skin and see all feautures.
    Please, patience, after Garo upload Garonav,
    my v.5 skin it's ready for use to 100% with GPS and GaroNav ).

    ----> UPDATE skin 07/31/2006

    Little update of my v.5 skin:

    -New layout of buttons in 3 screen of GPS section,with slider of master volume and song time,add new button for next song...
    -Main menu with full area of scrollig test/song
    -Fixed two very little prblem....

    One screenshot for see the new layout of GPS button ,go to post #92


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    I use GaroNav D3 based frontend.

    Garonav initial thread link:
    GaroNav 1.0 beta 1 Released

    GaroNav v1.0 Final release thread:

    Mauri skin for GaroNav and download link page/post:

    GaroNav 1.0 beta 1 Released

    Post #128/#129/#130

    3 Skin, main GPS, car Infos with Volt batt. temp, speed etc.. and big clock skin...
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    Audio Player with AVS and Mixer
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    Radio player and Video Player
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    Radio player if you click in Freq. and Preset button,and another screen if click in the "struments"icon/ button.
    The small Numeric pad and Modify-radio menu appears embedded in the apllication space.
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    OSK and Audio Browser
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    APPS menu and GPS big clock sub/skin
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    Looks Good dude cant wait to try it...

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    Ohhh...very nice looking. Looks to be very TS friendly also. Nice work!

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    Raleigh, NC.... Nbi, Alpha quadrant (1 00 N, 38 00 E ) !!!
    I like the consistency of the skin...very nice work mauri...Keep it up. this ones a winner

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