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Thread: How does RR read album art

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sonicxtacy02
    the jpg just has to be in the same folder as the music. doesnt matter what you name it
    unless you have a back cover and inside cover too in which case it looks it up alphabetically

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    I am in the same boat. This has been requested of Guino. He mentioned that he was working on it at one point of time. No word though, He seems to think that browsing by albumn art will take ages. I never browse by albumn art thoiugh, I think it is useless, Besides it always hanges and crashes or does somethign unexpected. I would just like it to display the album art for the currently playing song from the ID3 tag. How hard can this be?
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    maybe i'm overlooking something, but where do I need to set the path for art browsing ? Is it in some skin ini file ? Because with LSX it starts in c:\ and in CLX it starts in d:\, but my music is on my f:\ drive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GolfChick22
    it looks in each album directory then alphabetically inserts the first jpeg i believe. i name all my cd covers a now and it always displays them
    @Guino - Is there any way to specify what .jpg to look for first and if it does not find it open the first jpg ? Not sure but I think the standard image name is folder.jpg ?

    This may be a cool app for you to link too from your home page and thats the standard it and others seem to follow... its just folder.jpg may not be alpabetically the first image if you say have back.jpg....


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