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Thread: making a section transparant

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    Arrow making a section transparant

    like the title says:
    how can i let the blue section appear transparent in rr?

    guino already tried to help me out overhere:
    slider bg problem

    but none of all that worked i'm using ps 7.0


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    There are 4 images for each screen: EMPTY OFF ON DOWN, make that blue section of the EMPTY image PINK and make the other screens as usual. RR will scan for that pink section and cut it off for you.

    You also have to make sure that the file is a BMP so that the JPG compression doesn't loose pixels here and there.

    Make your .skin file plus the images you made available if you can't get it to work. You can upload it to my ftp site if you don't have anywhere to send it -- the address is on the skins list thread.
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    sorry for beeing partly off topic, but have you thought about PNG support too, Guino?

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    tnx very much guino but what coulour does the other pics have to be? and can i use the empty pic AS the off pic?

    sjors... ps. trying it right now

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    no, take a look in the skin editor, you can only choose jpg, gif or bmp.

    but tnx guino for helping me out again,

    deleting this line in rr.ini: enableclipping=false
    AND paint did it for me


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