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Thread: New Road Runner Clocks/Logos (By Tissy)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rafster
    From where?


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    Quote Originally Posted by quantum
    Hi Tissy,

    Just a question, and if I missed it I apologize...

    I just downloaded the 2 transparent Caddy clocks, and they don't display. the non-transparent ones do. I named it clock.swf to keep is simple, and using the MMI skin.

    Is that the new Flash 9.0 issue I have been reading about, or something else?

    Also, I tried using GPSView and it does not detect my GPS (earthmate, Delorme, SA2005) on any port at any baud rate, but I know it's there because it works fine in SA2005.

    If I understand, I need to put a number (port number) in the RR GPS field? How do I get this magic port, and what do I type in "X" or "COMX"?


    TY, NICE job on this Flash stuff!

    try registering the flash.ocx from version 8...I think RR transparency has an issue with F9.

    Only one device can connect to a COM port at a time. The flash clock is getting its values from RRs labels, so RR needs to be receiving GPS data in addition to your navi software. XPort3 is your solution here. Search for it...

    Good luck.
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    Hi Tissy.....
    any news about the only clock with white background???
    I try to remove logo, spedo and gps from a full clock but don't work.....???
    (probably lose part of code on the way....)

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    WOW!! The new CSC is beautiful. I love the color editing! And the stealth is gorgeous!!!
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    I tried installing the new clock module and am having an issue with main logo. (actually any logo)
    I unzipped all the files into my skin's directory and have done the changes to the
    The clock comes up ok and will cycle through the front/clock/compass.
    What doesn't work is the logos. On the main page I see the generic roadrunner image for a moment, then it's replaced by a totally blank logo.
    Doesn't matter which logo I put into main_logo.png, I get a blank.
    When I switch to clock or compass, I don't get the little roadrunner logos, I just get the .uk URL.
    Anyone encounter this problem or know of a solution?

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    Could the version of flash have something to do with this?
    When I switch to the clock, I can see a flickering of the roadrunner logo.
    How do I tell which version of flash I have, and which one should I have?
    Never mind, I found the version, I'm back at version 6 and it seems version 8 is what I should have?
    Where can I find version 8?

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    There's a FAQ on flash issues with step-by-step instructions. Front Ends > Road Runner > Road Runner FAQ > High CPU Load, Buttons don't respond, Flash Issues
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    Peugeot logo

    Hi Tissy

    First of all thanks for one of the coolest skin add-one I've seen sofar.

    Any plans for making a Peugout logo-clock ??



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    ncholm - Thanks for your kind words, i'm glad you like this add-in. I did forget Peugeot, but like yourself, when people want specific logos, they are designed ASAP and uploaded.

    The Peugeot one has now been added to the collection on my site for downloading.


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    Hi Tissy, nice work!

    Can you please make a chrysler one like the image attached? If the wings are too wide, then maybe just the badge in the middle? Also, with the speedo in km/h? TIA!
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