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Thread: New Road Runner Clocks/Logos (By Tissy)

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    I would greatly appreciate a clock with the mustang cobra logo in it. It would be for use in my skin (see sig)
    I have a psd of the cobra ->here<- that can be resized/edited for this purpose. It's the actual cobra taken from the side of the vehicle. size is 680x1153. all clean on a transparent background.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tissy
    A few people have raised a couple of issues with the clocks, which is great. Without your feedback they would have gone unnoticed.

    The main issues were:

    • Compass was 180 degrees out (ooppps !!)
    • Excessive CPU load.

    I have therefore hopefully fixed these issues and released a 'Road Runner Test Version' on my site.

    Although i appriciate that the colours used may not suit your skin, but this release is to ONLY test functionality. Therefore would those that have raised issue mind testing this version to see if they have been resolved. If so, i will then correct the ones already posted on the site. Any other feedback is welcomed.

    Many thanks,

    No noticable improvement in CPU load on my slow laptop. It still takes several minutes for a button click to respond.
    I'll try and test the compass change at lunch time

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    I like this clock would like a jaguar one though.
    Also I integrated this with the mc 2.0 skin.
    It's my favorite

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    Tissy, I would just like to drop the primary logo because the silver color doesn't match my skin. The Clock, Speedo and compass look perfect though. Is it possible to just have the primary screen be one of those three instead of the entire logo? so instead of having the Nissan logo load up with RR it would load either the Clock, Speedo or Compass

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tissy
    Wizz - I had already posted the Ford one on my site, see what you think.
    Absolutely Spot on. Where's your Donation link.

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    I would just like to say excellent work to tissy and everyone else that has worked with this. This is awesome!
    Never let the truth get in the way of a good story

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    Hey Tissy,

    Maybe you want to make one "dynamic" flash file which loads a GIF/JPG or whatever as the background logo, so that anyone can customize what image it displays.. hopefully this would save you time instead of having to make all requested logos. I know CDR can help you with loading the image in flash.. just a suggestion.. and regarding the mazda logo, just mazda is fine.. mazdaspeed would be ok too..
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    Quote Originally Posted by MatrixPC
    Dam, these are nice.
    With the current Toyota one, can you add "TRD" below the "TOYOTA".
    What Toyota one?
    I dont' see one....
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

    Under normal circumstances, a signature would go here.

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    guino - That is hopefully going to be my plan. The front logo is a .PNG made with Photoshop to give the rounded glass effect, so to produce a series of these with different logos will be relatively easy. The time consuming part is changing all the colour schemes etc. So if this can be done in an .ini type file outside of the flash object then this will make my life a lot easier. And as you say everyone will be able to change their own colours until their hearts are content. This will hopefully also allow the specification of what front logo you want to use. CdRsKULL is away at the moment until mid June, so i'll have to wait until he returns. I'm not too familiar with making the dynamic flash in SwishMax.

    DarquePervert - The Toyota one being refered was on my site, it has now been removed as it was just the logo, clock and speedo. They are being updated slowly with the addition of the compass screen.

    wizz - Any donations can be done through PayPal to [email protected], many thanks.

    For those that have specified other makes such as Cobra, Jaguar, VW etc, the front logos are done, just waiting to see what happens with the dynamic side of things so you can set your own colours in a .ini file. Shouldn't be too long. I'll keep you posted.

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    Would there be any chance of a Vauhall update,the 1 you have currently is nice (would be nicer with the speedo and such)but a charcoal bezel would look awesome,the standard silver bezel stands out like a sore thumb in BMV2.
    I recall e-mailing derek about his old clocks for this adjustment but with no joy.

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