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Thread: Skin Release: "MAS"

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    Yes, I am back working on this and I put in the cfx screens so it would be fully functional as is but I have gotten to a point where the cfx screens have become a hinderance rather than a bonus and I am working on pulling them out. This is why it has been so long since last update. My new menu system makes cfx useless. As far as the Phoco screen, I am waiting on a few things, the fate of phoco itself, RRMobile's RR plugin for mobile phones, and lastly but most important a phone I can use to test everything.

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    This is still my favorite Mustang skin. Once I get my system installed in my 'stang completely, I'll be using your skin 100% of the time. Phoco, or whatever takes it's place will have to wait. The only thing that's not ready to roll is the mobile emulator skin. I'm in no rush for that since the USB dongle for Xbox 360 controllers to be used on PC aren't available until Nov. Until then I'll use wired PS2 controllers, if need be.

    I'm in the middle of installation right now. Done for the day, I'll be picking up where I left off on Monday, July 3rd.

    Keep up the good work.
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    Well, here we go with a few more screens. Some weather, pictures and the GPS. I haven't finalized the gps yet. I really think the data window at the top of the gps window could either be smaller or hold more data which do you guys think. I really like the simplicity of the single data line but more info (i.e. play status, track bitrate, track time, etc.) would be nice too.

    Picture Viewer (Using PicViewer.Net but Guino is working adding a picture viewer to RR so I will probably switch at that time we will see):
    Name:  screen_37.jpg
Views: 315
Size:  120.8 KB

    Weather (Today):
    Name:  screen_33.jpg
Views: 304
Size:  124.7 KB

    Weather (5-Day):
    Name:  screen_34.jpg
Views: 308
Size:  144.2 KB

    GPS (Map Ponit):
    Name:  screen_35.jpg
Views: 296
Size:  86.3 KB

    GPS (iGuidance running it without any other programs i.e. iGMon or Skinbedder):
    Name:  screen_36.jpg
Views: 296
Size:  87.7 KB

    And on a special note for the curious the position on both GPS screens is correct that is really where I am at right now.

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    mas skin

    This is a very , very nice skin trouble is i dont seem to be able to download it, keep going to a file hosting service then dead end. Could someone help me find out how to download please?

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    btw this is a cool skin!

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