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Thread: Can you tell I was bored today: Take a look.

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    First grads go to b8bboi, for porting the skin over
    Next This skin

    This skin is smooth...

    I say that the list looks much better with her showing though...
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    I think the album browser is done. Let me know what you fellas think. Should I make any changes or is this good. I myself don't really know if I like it but have no clue what else it may need. Help me out here guys

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    I think I am done with the play list "editor." This should make building and editing play lists a bit easier. Hope it works well on touch screens. If you think anything needs to be changed please let me know or grab the PSD's and give it a go yourself. And as always, enjoy fellas.

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    A few notes here:

    The folder icons in the directory list are just from my setup cause I like them most people won't see them. If you like them you can turn them on in RRConfig.

    "Delete File" doesn't work yet cause CFX does not support it but I will add the support for it a bit later.

    I will be back on land in two days and will upload all the updated files then. Sorry for the delay.

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    New files for the audio and album browsers are up (post #1). Enjoy fellas.

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    Slightly OT:

    i got a question about your album art.

    I noticed, a few of the album art pics arent actually cd covers for any released album (Dre/Em etc) but look more like promo pics. Ive noticed wmp11 also does this for all the artist on Urge, where the artist has a seperate photo different than all the art for that artist albums.

    Did you do this by hand?

    I want to have do this for my lib, but it would take a long time to search for and find promo pics of each artist. Its a lot easier to find an artist when browseing by album art if the root folder for the artist had a closeup pic of just the artist and album art in subfolders.
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    You are correct I have it set up the way you decribed it and I googled every one of the "promo" pics to get them set up like this and you are right a second time, it is very time consuming

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    All files uploaded and correct. Any wrong or broken links let me know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sweet05 View Post
    The first post now contains all the files so far. Fell free to make your own screens from the psd. If you send me a copy of the file or a link to it I will add it to the first post.

    First of all let me say this is a gorgeous skin... even with the boobies.

    But I'm a lazy programmer/skinner so be careful what you ask for. I ws hoping some of our more talented graphic artists would have chimed in here by now nad had this thing done. Since thats not the case I guess I'll try and jump start it.

    First some comments about useability. I modified some of the side buttons with the switchbutton command so I don't have to reach over to the slider button, i.e., hit menu once and main comes up, hit it again and the slider folds out the buttons. Same for Music, and GPS button loads embedded first and full screen on the second tap. So as not to be offensive to my passengers I swapped menu1 and menu2 so the main with buttons always comes up first.
    I also added audio progress slider directly above audio controls as well as a volume slider that perfectly fit between the two speakers depicted for vol+/-.
    Lastly because I use the three way mute button control I hid the mute button behind the volume label and switch the label whenever mute is activated.

    Again I'm a lazy graphics artist (that means I cut and paste using Paint - Quick & Dirty). But I have (at least to my meager satisfaction) completed freedrive and XM skins if anyone want a look. I started a FM skin but never finished. I also modified a weather skin and included IE radar for animated maps. Let me know if you're interested.
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