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Thread: 400x240 skin?

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    400x240 skin?

    Does anyone have a skin that's created for 400x240?

    I've tried to resize a 4:3 800x640 skin but it does not come out very well.

    I've got a BMW widescreen. I know. I shouldn't.

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    I suggest that you re-size each individual .jpg of whichever skin you like in a program like photoshop. Then it's just a matter of moving/resizing the buttons and labels in RRskineditor and changing the general ini settings. This can be rather tedious on full length skins like BMV2 and LSX but it's worth it in the end I think. -DiN
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    Why not just make your own? Not that hard with a pic editor (gimp,photoshop,fireworks), the RR Skin Editor, and the skin commands text file included in the RR root directory. Also if there is a feature that you want that you dont know how to do, download a skin with that feature and find the needed commands.
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    It does work, but you'll have to resize the fonts and slider pointers in the skin to about half their size and will loose a lot of quality.. but should work.
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    I see...

    (This is turning out to be a lot more more work than I anticipated when i started in September :-) )

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