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Thread: GTA skin (not ready yet)

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    Quote Originally Posted by redbullah
    You are right but acctually due the time problems i can't focus enough on it.
    I just edit an excisting skin with photoshop (just the images)
    i don't know too much about making a skin and coding and don't have time to learn it (it doesn't seem difficult tough). The org. skin doesn't contain any font file. Labels were rastered on images. Thanks for pointing this important thing. I didn't know that you can embed fonts in your skin.

    Red, if you want to concentrate on the graphics (leave out the words on buttons), pass the files on to me and I will code the labels for you. (might also need some of theose nice fonts you are using

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    ok i'm back in this thing and try to complete as soon as possible.
    @Enforcer: this is very nice i'll send you the font and other images as soon as i finish them.

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    Haha, that's great! Looking forward to playing with it when it's finished.
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    Hey redbullah, I just noticed -- the G in 'Gta' in the first pic should be small.
    Also, the last R in 'RoadRunneR' in the main screen is better off being small in my opinion.
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    can't wait for it! Great Work!

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