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Thread: Do I stand on toes or not ?

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    I say release it, ONLY if your gonna finish it. You start all these nice skin and never complete them. I seriously think you have ADD of something cause you can't keep working on one skin.
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    i was about to post the EXACT same thing... ADD in all lol Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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    man... this is soo good...
    you got some serious skills man...
    would you consider releaseing the sources for one of your flash based skins one day...? so it can be used as a referance or "guide" to make your own... i ve got plenty of flash based skin ideas, but dont have the knowledge to complete them, im stuck at making simple buttons work in swish... lol

    anyways, keep up the good work

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    You spelled color wrong! j/k lol.. it's stunning, I'm very anxious to play with this, and see the different colors you can do! That of course is only possible if you release it!
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    I guess I should chime in to! Release it!

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    Very nice Cdr,now just extract ND from The CF trial and we're laughing

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    Just don't pull a centrafuse on us and give us an eta that is never met.

    I would say just go for it. Everyone that asks permission from him, he just ums and ahs at it and says he doesn't know what to do. So until he makes up a firm stance on how he feels about these skins I would say release it. It isn't like you even copied that much. You just copied the basic feel of the skin. As in veetid's words "GIVE IT AWAY, DUDE!".

    Here is what veetid said about it:
    "I'm not sure how I feel about this...really. I appreciate you asking, instead of just doing it, but I honestly don't know how I feel about the idea of letting the skin go on RR. I'd ask for opinions here. GIVE IT AWAY, DUDE!"

    Turbocad's advice:
    "... personally I think it's cool to me that someone liked it enough to even do that...

    the graphics are real cool in centrafuse... theres no way to stop the copying really... in the end it probably isn't a bad thing for centrafuse that the graphics get used, it'll spread the popularity & awareness in the end I would think for centrafuse... in hollywood they say "no publicity is bad publicity" the fact that so many want to use the graphics means you guys did something right there..."

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    Next post -

    I suspect the next post will be the download link

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    Please please please finish RAD first!!! Theres enough half finished skins around as it is.
    I hope you read this, as you don't reply to my emails or donations!!!

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