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Thread: 'Freedom' skin beta progress (Flash Based)

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    'Freedom' skin beta progress (Flash Based)

    [update] 4th Sept 06
    Busy bug fixing Freedom v2.0 at the moment... release date should be very soon.

    [update] 4th Sept 06
    Preview Freedom v2 audio / browser released.. grab them from the freedrive site

    [update] 26th Aug 06

    Started doing a bit more on this skin.. fixing bugs adding a few effects and acouple more additions so far..

    So Far....

    - Fixed Mixer Buttons taking you to the wrong page
    - Fixed Volume on Audio Browser not updating and staying on
    - Fixed Volume on Radio not updating and staying on
    - Fixed Button Sound on/off on Radio
    - Fixed Button Sound on/off on Apps
    - Fixed Button Sound on/off on Filemanager
    - Fixed Button Sound on/off on Gamebottom
    - Fixed Confirm windows disappeaing in Filemanager (txs Guino)
    - Fixed missed 4th track listing box on the radio
    - Fixed Play / Pause on Web

    - Added Slider to Audio Browser Page
    - Added Afew Effects to the Audio and Browser screens
    - Changed the Screensaver clock to a normal clock
    - Added support of Harddrive / CDRom / USB Pen Browsing
    - Added Volume / web / gps indicators
    - Added Playlist support
    - Added Destinator 5/PN Hacked version support (inc OSK)

    more to come

    [update] 16th Aug 06

    Release Freedom v1.0 Alpha... <-- click here

    HERE (download site 1)
    HERE (download site 2) thanks gobby :-)

    I will also upload some bits that have fixs on em to the second download site.. so check for updates there..

    Updated Mixer added to second download site
    Updated Audio Browser added to second download site

    Please take a couple of mins to read the README included in the zip.. I have spent the best part of 3 weeks doing this.. so the least you can do is have a quick read :-)

    Remember its a 1st alpha release..
    Known problems..
    the lcd module does not restart after hibernation, you need to goto settings and press ON
    the mixer line screen works blind, once set in there it will then remember.

    Please post bugs, comments, ideas.. etc



    [update] 11th Aug 06

    Uploaded new AVI grab it from HERE


    I've been working on this for a week or so and below is a list of whats been done so far.. when there all done it will be released in a beta format :-)

    Audio - Complete
    AudioBrowser - Complete
    Video - Complete
    VideoBrowser - Complete
    GPS - Complete
    GPSFULL - Complete
    DVD(windvd) - Complete
    Main - Complete
    ColourChanger - Complete
    Lockout - Complete
    SkinSelector - Complete
    Radio - Complete
    Phone - Release 2
    XM - Release 2
    Weather - Complete
    Games - Complete
    Apps - Complete
    Web - Complete
    notes - Complete
    CDRip - Release 2
    TV - Complete (untested)
    Settings - Complete
    Picture Viewer - Complete
    Mixer - Half Done
    File Manager - Complete
    ScreenSaver - Complete

    It will be a week or so I'm hoping before its upto standard..

    Some of the Features
    • 18 user config main buttons with icons
    • 5 user config buttons
    • changable skin colours
    • button clicks (makes sounds)
    • changable logo (top right) just change the logo.png file
    • file Browser and copy / delete / move options
    • support for LCD Module (1x16, 2x16, 1x20, 2x20) HD44780 standard
    • + lots more :-)

    This means by simply altering a txt file you can change the buttons about, change the icons, side menu buttons, passwords all from a single txt file.

    anyway enough of the crap, below is a vid I did a couple of days ago if you want to watch it, nothing special and things have changed alittle since, but you will get the idea anyway.. and also some screenshots.

    Vid is HERE (xvid format)

    Will keep this updated

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    Looks amazing! Computer is out of the car at the min for rewiring and a broken touchscreen so look forward to getting it back in soon with that to show off!

    Nice work CDR!

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    CdRsKuLL, you have to many nice looking skin, but none or may be one completed. Com'on man, finish 'em up. .

    BTW, I like the "Windows" skin in the delivery room you posted a while ago.
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    looking forward for the release of this

    keep it up

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    any luck in getting an xm skin in there?
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    CdR, that's a damn sexy looking skin. Nice job
    Only true postwhores remember everything they post


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    Can't Wait! Your skins are absolutely AMAZING. Perhaps one of the most talented skinners on mp3car! Keep up the good work!

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    Quote Originally Posted by pyros
    any luck in getting an xm skin in there?
    never done a xm skin.. but theres always the first time.. I will try and include one for the 2nd edition.. added to the list..


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    New York

    but lets just hope you finish this one.
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    CdR - very nice...

    CdR - smooooooooooth.....

    That video tells the tale - what you've got done is "tight" and you were cranking thru that and everything was smooth - quick - and just well woven.

    Very much looking forward to running with it. Should there be any issues with a full flash skin and the IG and other external app integration - i.e. if someone wants to add pages to a skin like that, is it hard or impossible to do without flash coding those pages?

    Thanks again - great work and appreciate all the efforts you must be putting in.

    Quote Originally Posted by CdRsKuLL
    never done a xm skin.. but theres always the first time.. I will try and include one for the 2nd edition.. added to the list..


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