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Thread: Jelly MX...any interest?

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    Jelly MX...any interest?

    I worked up a skin for my MX-6 based loosely on my Alpine deck.

    Many of the more fully featured skins have buttons that I find a bit small for my thick fingers while driving. I tried to keep that and visibility in mind. I finished all I'm going to do (main, audio, gps, pic viewer) since that's all I use. If anyone's interested I'll post the skin files I have done.

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    More Shots

    More screenshots:

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    really creative idea m8. I think you should release it!
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    Jelly MX

    Well, I was trying to keep it simple and keep the buttons large enough to press while driving, but there doesn't seem to be much interest in this GUI.....I know it's bare bones compared to some of the more elaborate skins, but evidently people think it's ugly too.

    Oh well, to each their own. I did finish the audio, GPS, Pic viewer, DVD, video, skin browser, APPs and weather, but haven't even started Phoco, TV, radio or the OBD II.

    If more people liked it I might get the gumption to do more, I've learned alot from this Forum, and would like to give back,


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    I don't know...I think I like it. It is something a little diff.
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    Please, go on with your work; I like it and I prefer standard skin which are more flexible and easier to adapt to each own needs; just a request: please, release what you have done so far, so we can taste it and give some better feedback. Anyway go on following your way ...

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    Jelly released

    I went ahead and worked on some of the other modules I don't use and released it...enjoy!

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