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Thread: Skinning problem with RRskineditor

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    Skinning problem with RRskineditor

    Hi all guyz

    here is a problem hat driver me crazy

    i'm doing a skin and i have a problem with shufffle repeat indicators

    the shuf rep buttons works as i see the winamp main window changing them when they are pressed in RR

    the indicators just wont show anything....
    i have practically copied the method used in some skins downloaded here and that works!! but they doesn't show anything... am i missing something???

    any ideas?

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    Do you have the indicator in the ON or DOWN Jpg drawn? You need to have that for the indicator to work.

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    i tried having it in the DOWN and in the ON jpgs.... i also tried having it in both but nothing... (oh... i am using *.bmp images maybe is this?)

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