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Thread: my terrible version of Zots skin

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    my terrible version of Zots skin

    First of all, I would like apologize to Zots for ruining is great skin, but I wanted to change some of the functions and colors to match my car. I am not a skinner and my photoshop skills are far below sub-par so on that note here are some screenshots.

    I just wanted to see what the experts think.

    by the way these pics are printscreen shots, so the quality is not really that bad
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    Thats not bad at all. and if it meets your functionality requirements, whats wrong with it?? its at least 100 times better than what i could do on my first attempt. keep working at it. it can only get better now that you have it under your belt.
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    it does meet my requirements so I am happy with it, but some obvious things like the GAMES, PICS and NINTENDO64 fonts dont match, I tried to match as best as I could but thats as good as I could get it.

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