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Thread: Playlist Question

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    Playlist Question

    Hi All,
    I started making my own skin, as none of the skins I could find matched both my visual and functional taste.
    My Goal is a Skin with pretty much all the features I am used to from using Winamp as an Audio Player.
    So here's my question:
    Is there a command to make a button to move Tracks around in a playlist, to change its order, just like u can in Winamp by drag & drop?

    Thanks for your help,


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    Couldn't anyone just confirm that there is no such feature so that I can remove these dummy buttons?

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    Good idea!!
    But I can't help you...
    I think you should ask to Guino...
    Live today like it is your last day, and behave as though you will live forever...

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    Not sure if this is totally what you mean but check this out.

    DJiK's Jump-to-File External Control Plugin, v0.99b [BETA]

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