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Thread: Nexus for RR?

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    Nexus for RR?

    With all the cloning of CF, I'm surprised no one has cloned the most popular add-on skin for CF: JIT's Nexus skin. The layout works a ton better than the default CF skin IMHO. Blue isn't the perfect color for my car, but I like the look and feel of it so much better than Onyx black/white/blue (the default RR skins) that I am willing to overlook the color clash (blue isn't that bad in my car anyway).

    So the question is: Do people in the RR community like the Nexus skin?

    If it gets ported to RR and done very well (like Freedom or FuseRunner) will people out there consider using it as their primary skin?

    What about the colors, is blue ok, or would most people prefer a black/red/gray version?

    Thanks for any feedback.

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    I think the layout's fine but the graphics are kind of boring.

    And i would vote for black since it matches my car!

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    I have already cloned it for my own personal use. However when I asked justin if I could release it he said that he does not want me to due to current business reasons (which I will not state, unless justin allows me to). He said I may release it as soon as the company makes a decision (about a month). So look for it being released soon in multiple colors (as long as I get justin's approval)!
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    any news on that clone?

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    I'll tell you why nobody cloned it.. cuz it's fugly !!
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    Quote Originally Posted by NRGZ28 View Post
    I'll tell you why nobody cloned it.. cuz it's fugly !!
    Too you its ugly but not to others! Many seem to like it! I Do as well...Dont hate on other members work, keep that to yourself....
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    I don't think it's ugly...

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    I think it's a GREAT skin... Very simple, good UI and everything. Problem is I don't think you will get permission from the author as I noticed he is pretty particular about other companies using his skin. Granted RR is not a "company" and would not profit in any way from his design.

    Personally, I think that someone should just make their own LEXUS clone not NEXUS. Then there would be no issues at all... after all the nexus skin is based off of the Lexus in car navigation system to begin with. The design is soooo simple... and once you have the layer style for the buttons and the background, the rest would be cake. (or pumpkin pie for october) yum....
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    i think it looks cool, clean, and has a stock oem feeling. Isnt Nexus really the only real custom skin made for CF?

    "The layout works a ton better than the default CF skin IMHO."
    isnt the layout exactly the same pretty much? I thought that was a limitation of CF that you couldnt add any ole button you wanted on any screen, like you can do in RR.
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    I love the skin. I don't like clutter and buttons and layout seem exactly what I wanted. Too bad I don't have any artistic skills. thunderdepot said he's done it and was waiting for premission. That's why I asked. I'd use it for sure

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