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Thread: Progress Report on Freedom v3.0

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    i'm tackling the "itunes" album art skin. just fyi Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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    TxAxZxZ, is that a pic of iTunes 7? I'm not familiar with it

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    yea it's a pic from i-tunes 7 (just released). If you have i-tunes 7 look at the top menu between the information bar and the search bar. There are 3 different views. The BBAA is one of the viewed features. You can view just music, music grouped by album art, or the BBAA view.

    @Sonicxtacy02 - That's great!! The functionality to be able to slide through all the album art is a lot smoother/faster than clicking a page down menu.
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    few bugs and enhancement requests

    Hi CdR,
    First of all awsome skin. By far the best one yet! Good work!
    I have a few possible bug fixes and enhancement requests.

    Possible bugs:
    - In Radio screen the mono/stereo indicator stays as "mono". I know I have "stereo" signal, but it doesn't change the indicator. (I am using HQCT radio module).
    - In Radio screen the "move up" and "move down" buttons don't work. They should change the presets.

    Requests for modification:
    - Option to display screensaver clock in AM/PM instead of 24HR format.
    - Option to change the duration before screensaver loads up.
    - Option to change the audio file played when the skin loads up.
    - Option to change the Button Sound file. (sound played when you click on a button).
    - Glow the side button for the current screen you are in.
    Here is what I am talking about...
    Name:  audio.jpg
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    Let me know,

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    looking good... like that album art slide thingy... atleast it will make an impression on the ppl in the care... maybe I should start downloading some covers to my ripped albums then...

    And a little thing for the future releases...
    some people don't want loads of stuff in the upper bar, and some do... I for one would like to see some speed or something up there...
    Wouldn't it be possible to make some settings that would allow you to see what want there... something like:
    and so on...
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    I only have this installed on a virtual machine that I use for testing so I haven't tried it out in the car yet, but I had a request to make for the song/file loading part.

    When you load the songs right now it's sorted by directory structure enabling you to drill down through the files and folders. Most of us have these sorted by genre so you can just pick the folder, but I would like to see being able to choose between, folder, artist, album, or genre for the load style. This way you could load all of one genre, artist, album, or what not with a single click or click and hold.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CdRsKuLL View Post
    Really sorry m8.. been that busy with so much stuff going through my head.. I have also cleaned my messagebox up so I havent got even the pm's anymore :-( I do remember you posting the info somewhere but looked for about an hour this morning for it but could find it anywhere..
    Fair enough... I wont bother with the questions since my carputer is out of service at the moment.. so here are the differences for XM.. just copying and pasting the pm's:

    Quote Originally Posted by pyros
    Just a few things. I finally had time to look into the XM screens, and it turns out to be much easier then I thought. Here are some screen caps of XM running in Freedom:

    I select channel 48 which is named squizz. It changes to the channel and displays the info in the title:

    However when it goes to refocus on the list, it jumps wayyyy too far down:

    Going "back" changes the channel, but the list isn't in sync.

    All I had to do was make a copy of the audio .skin file and rename it to XM .skin. I also changed the headers of the file to this:

    MEDIACAR "xmplayer" Skin

    and changed the command in the menu.txt to call "XM".

    Most of the objects are shared and reused.. but here's the scoop:

    Basically what's happening (I'm assuming, based on the RAD source), is that it is doing a SETLIST command. However since XM channels aren't fluid (ie, channels 1 to 48 are ALL there), the 48th entry in the list is channel 73

    I'm assuming that XMCHAN will work instead, which I will test out in the morning.

    The other problem is the play button doesn't work as a pause/unpause as it does with the audio player. To fix this we need 2 things: 1) change the command names and 2) a constant variable taht keeps track if we are currently in play or pause mode. If we need to pause/mute the XM, we can use "PAUSE". To resume it, we use "RESUME".

    The repeat button is kind of useless for XM.. so I was thinking in turning it into a refresh button. The command is XMRELOAD for it.

    The track time labels should work fine as is if you're using CURRENTTRACKTIME and REMAININGTRACKTIME.

    Where it has the band name at the top of the playlist, could we replace that with the station name?

    Let me know what you think..... I'll be looking at the XM favourites list shortly, but if it doesn't make it for R2 of Freedom, maybe just the basic xm player could since its just a few command changes?

    let me know what you think.. I"ll try to have a fully working version of RAD tomorrow...

    I'm also trying to work on a few others things. One thing I really want to do is a sports ticker. The way I see it happening is this:

    - have a text file, ie: ticker.txt
    - you list each channel # you want to be 'tickered' on a new line
    - the flash object will read this, and pull the channel information using XMINFO.
    - it will then display it across the screen (somewhere, undecided).

    The way the channels are in XM, the artist and track display the sports score for baseball & hockey. For example:
    Artist: TOR 1 - MTL 0
    Track: 3rd Period

    So the ticker would scroll across:
    ... TOR 1 - MTL 0 (3rd Period) ...

    When something significant happens in the games, they display it in the track information also. ie: Sundin Scores!!

    Anyway, I'm babbling. Lemme know what you think...


    the followup to that was:

    Quote Originally Posted by pyros
    So I tried out what I said in my last message... when you click on the requested channel, it tunes to the proper one. However, the list selects the improper one... ie:

    you click on channel 48
    it tunes to channel 48
    unfortunately b/c channel 48 is actually the 25th in the list, it will highlight the 48th entry in the list which is something like 73

    Any chance you can point me to the code in RAD that handles this so I can take a look?

    Also, the PAUSE/RESUME commands don't seem to be working.. i'm going to give them another shot..

    I dont know If i'll make the 5th of sept release.. my carputer just took a crap on me this evening and wont even power up.. I'll have to debug that tomorrow..

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    would LOVE gpsgas!

    BTW - cdr - awesome skin... it really is badass. thank you.

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    Request: to be able to silence the Freedom startup music.

    I dont actually mind the music at all, but it starts at whatever volume I was listening to RR at previously, and sometimes rips my head off if I start the PC on a quiet night after I was listening to it loud during the day.

    I tried using STARTCOMMAND=Setvol;MASTER;xx in RR.ini, but it only turns the volume down after about 2 seconds of startup music.. and by then I'm already DEAF

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    I think you could you set the "ONSUSPEND","" in exectbl.ini to setvol the sound before shutdown of RR.

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