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Thread: Visualization integration - not "visu" I dont think.

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    Visualization integration - not "visu" I dont think.

    I would like to add the little visualization bars from winamp to my skin. Heres a photoshop of what it would ideally look like...

    I dont think this is the same as a normal visu style embedding, but I could be wrong.

    Searching brought up visu stuff only. Any ideas?

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    Check out this thread

    Question re "C" clip tag

    It might do what your looking for.

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    i dont think you can actually use the those vis that are apart of the winamp UI, but you have to use a visualization plugin. There is a visu that mimics the eq bars and you can simply use that and resize it in the skin to be that size.
    You'll run into other issues if you plan on having it visible on every screen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Enforcer View Post
    if he can just get winamp to stay in the same place on the screen, then place a clip (c01,x,y,w,h) in every screen for that bit.
    I thought about that, but I bet it would be a pain in the ***.

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