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Thread: Honda Skin - WIP

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    Honda Skin - WIP

    Here is something that I made today. Its just a work in progress or maybe not even that. I'm just trying to learn photoshop .

    Your comments and suggestions are welcome.


    Brushed Metal Version

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    i would easy back off the bevel button, the fonts are hard to read also, esp as the text gets smaller. The metal doesn't look like metal, brushed or otherwise. Find a piece of brushed metal and give it a good look. Personally i think you would be better off skipping the whole brushed metal idea completely, its been done to death (and not really good either) by many people. The layout is fine, i know your new to PS so just keep working at it, it'll come together.
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    yep, look for a different font.

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    Font is fugly...
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    Guys, thanks for you comments and suggestions. Based on your feedback I've made some changes. Take a look and let me know what you think.

    Here is another one.... I tried to re-create the stereo system of 7th gen Accord

    Blue Glass

    (colors looks different online compared to what they are in Photoshop. Mp3 info is in Dark Blue color)

    Keep the comments and suggestions coming

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