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Thread: Volume problem

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    Volume problem

    Using the latest RR and Blue Devil skin I am getting a weird volume problem. The issue is that when I adjust the volume using the volume buttons it ALSO adjusts the bass and treble up and down accordingly. This is very annoying considering the "volume %" is never accurate anyway and so I can be at 40% volume and the master and wave are 100% and the bass and treble are 20% each and adjusting the volume up and down only increases the bass and treble. Anyone else with the same issue?

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    updated drivers?
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    Well i know its RR or Blue Devil and im using the latest version of both so im a little stumped. Volume control works normal outside the program

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    How is the sound "mapped" in the RRconfig?
    Also your presets?

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    Ah that fixed it thanks!

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