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Thread: my perhaps bad skin

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    my perhaps bad skin

    hello, I made this skin, I just wanted something pretty simple to match my cars interior lights, which are orange. I am by no means good at photoshop or skinning.. but I just wanted to get a few opinnion and maybe suggestions about my skin.. here it is.
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    basically the skin is based around the one window being the window for everything so only the buttons around it fade in and out.

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    i like it good job man!

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    looks clean and simple
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    The skin looks very simple...I like it. Try to see if you can make the bottom buttons appear as the ones on the sides. Good job.

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    It looks really nice and simple, really compliments the dash...

    you have any plans of adapting it to a day-time skin?

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    sorry i havent been on here in awaile...but thanks for the feedback guys.. I do want to make a day skin.. but I dont know what color to make it, I want it to be a color where I can still use the orange buttons

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