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Thread: Newb search for Acura or Audi Skin

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    Newb search for Acura or Audi Skin

    So I've been trolling mp3car for quite some time now. I can honestly say, I am too dumb to make my own skin. Ive searched and searched to find a skin that I like, which were available at one time or another, however I keep on coming up with dead links.

    Looking for exactly this skin 2004 350z install with red button highlights with a chrome Acura emblem (not the carbon fiber one ive seen). This would be perfect too Xequtor's Brushed Metal
    Thanks in advanced for your reply and all your help.

    I know I know, newbs suck!!

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    It's just a mater of replacing the logo. Find a skin you like and match it with a logo you looking for to create a perfect match.
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    Yeah, I tried that using paint (i told you i cant use photoshop)!! It came out pretty good but when i applied it to the skin it was distorted.

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