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Thread: MC 3.0 ? dual screen ? maybe

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    btw, I think the up and down arrows on the left need a little work, they don't blend in with rest of the buttons.
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    Wow ... very nice work ... your skins are nearly the best i've ever seen

    I would like to skin like you, with flash !!!

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    I really like the dual screen Idea, I would like to be able to run RR in the front for Music/Navigation and then have my 2 Headrest LCD in the back for Video and Games... Is this where your going with it???

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    Awesome. I was just saying to myself that I don't think I would ever switch from your skin. Then I saw you came back and I was happy. Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing this skin in action.
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    CDR... Keep doing what you do, it always looks amazing!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Quattro View Post
    btw, I think the up and down arrows on the left need a little work, they don't blend in with rest of the buttons.
    will alter that thanks m8.


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    Nice work CdR,

    2 requests.

    Could you possibly add a "sidebar" drop down menu to the external gps skin?

    I usually do this by making two skins, a main external gps skin, and a sidebar skin.

    This allows you to access key functions like switching to xm from mp3, etc, and then quickly come back to the gps screen to continue your navigation. I have it set up so that the "menu button" opens the sidebar skin, and just squeezes the navigation imbed over to fit the new buttons.

    Then, every other skin is set up with a "NAV" button instead of a MENU button which points to the main gps skin. I think this really makes the whole car pc thing more functional.

    The second request is to add album art to the GPS window. YOu can see where the little green box is, that displays album art outside of the audio player. Its cool because I don't usually watch my audio screen, but rather the navigation for the trip I am on, but I still want to see a little artwork for the song that is playing, or the XM channel, depending on the source of music, it automatically populates that box.

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    Thumbs up

    Excellent skin......I look forward to its release!!

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    Beautifully designed...keep up with the good job, I like the way you did your shading makes the skin looks nice and well detailed.

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    I'm not sure how useful this is, but I'll just throw another spanner in the works.

    you can get two independant flash movies to communicate with each other. perhaps you could have a master/slave arrangement?

    I looked at this when I was trying to setup a multithreaded flash module, made up of many movies. It was just a proof of concept, and it worked.

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